Family, Tradition, Celebration

Peng Guan was founded in 2014 by Mr Zhang Ziyue and Mr Lee Kok Keong over the shared loved for the traditional festive delicacy – barbequed pork jerky or bak kwa, Ziyue is no stranger to the bak kwa business. With interest inspired and experienced gathered from growing up in the bak kwa business, the duo would spend their weekends as hobby chefs, making bak kwa and gifting them to friends and relatives.

While they have worked tirelessly to improve their recipe year after year, there was still one belief held common – that bak kwa should still be made from scratch by hand. Despite the increasingly mechanised food production landscape and cost pressures, they recognised that the traditional method of making bak kwa by hand is superior and still produces the most authentic and consistent bak kwa texture, flavour and meaning still – of family, tradition and celebration.

Continuing and preserving the family’s heritage by making bak kwa by hand, it is their form of tribute and dedication to the humble roots of Peng Guan’s beginnings, originating from the support and joyous occasions with families and friends.