About Us

Our Story

Peng Guan Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd officially started its humble operations in Singapore, year 2014, by founders Mr Zhang Ziyue and Mr Lee Kok Keong.

The founders were foodies who shared a love for the tasty Chinese traditional snack - barbecued pork jerky, more commonly known as bak kwa. Every Chinese New Year, they would spend their weekends as hobby chefs, making bak kwa and then gifting them to friends and relatives. The duo was constantly improving their recipe year after year. Before they knew it, word spread and requests for their delicious homemade bak kwa started to grow. It became a rousing success! The two enterprising chefs then decided to turn their hobby into a career and embarked on their venture into the bak kwa industry with Peng Guan.


Our Bak Kwa

The ethos of Peng Guan and both founders, is to offer only the highest quality of food made with the freshest ingredients. An important feature of the special Peng Guan bak kwa recipe is the premium air flown Brazilian pork.

Every bak kwa slice is purely handmade from scratch - starting from the preparation of fresh, raw ingredients, the hand weaving of meat using a traditional bamboo sieve, the smothering of the special Peng Guan savoury marinate recipe, to the barbecue and caramelizing of tender bak kwa meat over a bed of sizzling hot charcoal. The Peng Guan bak kwa has the most delectable, succulent meat that releases a sweet, mouth-watering and smoky aroma.

Handmade from scratch

Barbecuing over charcoal fire


Our Commitment

At Peng Guan, we are committed to provide only the highest quality of food to our customers, so every package will hold slices of freshly made bak kwa that are grilled to order. The Peng Guan bak kwa also follows a set of strict principles: no added preservatives, no added MSG, no added artificial flavouring and to use only 100% natural and fresh ingredients.

Apart from satisfying the customer's taste buds, Peng Guan also strives to provide the best customer experience and the fastest delivery services.