Chilli Bak Kwa 辣椒肉干

A treat for the bak kwa lovers! The Peng Guan Chilli Bak Kwa will get your taste buds excited with our unique chilli flavour. Each slice is made using our hand-minced pork, marinated with our special homemade recipe and barbecued to perfection over a flowing, sizzling fire.

Peng Guan's pork jerky slices are purely handmade in Singapore. We make it a point to use only the freshest ingredients and finest quality, including air flown Brazilian pork. Our great tasting bak kwa can be a dish as part of your meals or eaten simply as a snack! To top it off, the delectable scent of traditionally charcoal-barbecued bak kwa is absolutely mouthwatering!

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