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Peng Guan Bak Kwa still makes bak kwa the traditional way, one sheet at a time, each piece barbecued to perfection over a charcoal flame!

Each square of Peng Guan bak kwa is handmade from scratch using Brazilian pork and barbecued over a charcoal fire for that smoky aroma!

Despite using quality ingredients such as premium air-flown Brazilian pork in their pork jerky, prices are kept affordable compared to many bak kwa brands out there.

What Peng Guan lacks in variety, it more than makes up for in quality. Every order is handmade from scratch and done to order so you know you’re getting the absolute freshest.

The selection is concise, but the owners pride themselves on their handmade bak kwa, which is cooked over a steady charcoal fire for that prized smoky fragrance.

The chefs stay true to traditional tastes, seeking to bring out the natural and original flavours of the pork by making every slice from scratch.

You Don’t Have To Queue For This Cheap And Delicious Bak Kwa In Chinatown! Peng Guan Bak Kwa — An Underrated Brand.

With no added preservatives, MSG or artificial flavouring, you can indulge in your bak kwa fix without feeling too guilty!

We get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the moreish barbecued pork jerky is produced at Peng Guan Bak Kwa!

Peng Guan may not be the oldest shop on this list, but it prides itself in making each slice from scratch

Their traditional sliced jerky is unusually tender and juicy thanks to a secret marinade, and remains so even after days of its purchase!

Unfortunately, their online/call orders have been temporarily halted due to overwhelming demand and you know what this means!

With a family line that specialises in making Bak Kwa, this place definitely has that ‘secret recipe’ to match up to your Bak Kwa expectations.

They have certainly one of the unique tastes in the bak kwa market. Their new recipe is tastier than ever, and more and more people are enjoying this.

While sliced bak kwa typically has a chewier bite than the minced version due to leaner meat being used, Peng Guan’s pork is still tender and juicy even a few days after purchase.

Have a Taste of Tradition

Peng Guan takes pride in handmaking our bak kwa from scratch – from the preparation of raw ingredients, the creation of our special marinate recipe to the barbecue process. Every package is freshly made to order and is the perfect Singaporean Chinese snack!