1. Does Peng Guan make their own bak kwa?

Yes! Our pork jerky (also known as bak kwa) is purely handmade at our central kitchen that is located in Singapore's full-fledged food facility, Food Xchange. We make fresh bak kwa daily using quality raw ingredients, such as our premium air flown Brazilian pork. We hand-mince and then weave the meat using traditional bamboo sieves. Our Peng Guan special marinate recipe is then concocted and smothered onto the meat before we barbecue each slice over charcoal.


2. What are the types of bak kwa that Peng Guan has to offer?

We currently have 4 types of bak kwa: Our bestseller Traditional Bak Kwa, all-time favourite Sliced Bak Kwa, spicy Chilli Bak Kwa and bite-sized Gold Coin Bak Kwa.


3. How should I keep my bak kwa?

Store the bak kwa where there is no direct exposure to sunlight. Also make sure that the bak kwa does not come in contact with water.


4. How long can the bak kwa be stored?

As our bak kwa contains no preservatives, try to consume within 3 days from the date of purchase, that is when the bak kwa is the freshest. If unable to do so, do keep the bak kwa in the fridge to extend its shelf life. When serving again, heat the bak kwa in an oven or microwave.


5. How does Peng Guan pack the bak kwa?

The freshly made, smoked bak kwa will be traditionally wrapped in layers of waxed paper and then sealed in our Peng Guan zip lock bag so that it's easy for our customers to keep. Paper carriers will also be provided for our customer's ease of convenience.


6. How do I place my order?

You can place an order via our online store, here's a quick and simple guide:
1) Click on the type of bak kwa that you wish to order: Traditional Bak Kwa  / Sliced Bak Kwa / Chilli Bak Kwa / Gold Coin Bak Kwa
2) Click "ADD" to add the item to your virtual shopping cart
3) Choose the weight and quantity of your bak kwa
4) Confirm your order by clicking "CHECKOUT" 
5) Key in your address and contact details
6) Choose your preferred payment method: PayPal or Cash on Delivery/Cash on Self Collection
7) Wait for our customer service representative to contact you about the delivery/self-collection time and date! 

Alternatively, you can also make a pay-and-go cash purchase at our flagship store, located at Smith Street @ Chinatown Complex, Block 335, #02-36, Singapore 050335.


7. What are your payment modes?

For online orders, we accept Cash on Delivery/Cash on Self Collection and Paypal payments. 
For walk-in store purchases, we accept only cash.


8. What are your store's operating hours?

We operate from 8am to 4pm, on Tuesday to Sundays (closed on Mondays). 
Please also note our CNY Opening Hours: 8am-8pm on 24 Jan-4 Feb 2016  &  CLOSED on 5 Feb-15 Feb 2016


9. What are your delivery terms?

Delivery (free) is only provided for a one-time purchase of $420 and above. We deliver only within Singapore and each order is on a single location per order basis. 
There will be no delivery for purchases less than $420, customers will have to self-collect their orders at: 

Block 335, Smith Street @ Chinatown Complex, #02-36, Singapore 050335

Normal Opening Hours: 8am - 4pm, Tuesday - Sunday 
CNY Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm, Daily from 24 Jan to 4th Feb 2016

8A Admiralty Street @ Food Xchange, #03-36, Singapore 757437
By Appointment Only: We will call you to let you know the time to self collect your order!


10. What happens after I place my order? When will you deliver or when can I self-collect?

We need time to prepare for orders, so do order your bak kwa 2 days in advance! Upon receiving your order, our customer service representative will contact you within the same day to arrange for a suitable delivery/self-collection time and date. 


11. I changed my mind, can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, no. Once an order has been received, we get to work immediately and start to grill fresh bak kwa. Hence it's not possible to cancel an order.